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Digital Visualization Project

I am leading a digital visualization project exploring the transition from Earth-centered cosmology through Sun-centered cosmology to the Newtonian cosmos.



How did we discover that we are not, after all, at rest at the center of the cosmos, and why was this so hard to find out? Our project develops sophisticated visual content designed to convey complex historical, philosophical, and scientific materials in the three-dimensional arena of our 50′ diameter domed theater.



For example:



  • We replicate Galileo’s telescopic observations, by flying to the date, time and place at which he made them, and simulating the magnification that his telescope achieved. What did he see, and why did it matter?



  • We have built Kepler’s Platonic solids model of the cosmos so that we can construct it, fly around it, and set the planets into motion within it, as we explore his arguments for why the Sun must be at the center of a six-planet system.













Find out more! We are happy to make our materials available, both visual content and accompanying narrative script. Work on this project began at the University of Notre Dame. If you have a full-dome theatre compatible with the Notre Dame facility and would like to try our materials, please contact me.

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