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Philosophy of Physics journal launched

Supported by members, open-access, broad in scope. I am excited to be one of the associate editors of this new journal, Philosophy of Physics. Congratulations to all those who worked so hard to get this off the ground.

Here is a quote from Editor-in-Chief David Wallace:

"In launching this new journal, we want to publish the best work in philosophy of physics, whether that work involves rigorous mathematical physics, engagement with conceptual debates inside modern theoretical physics, developing and defending a metaphysical interpretation of existing physics, or exploring the historical development of key ideas in physics. And we want to publish work that is as technical as necessary, but not more technical. We are happy to receive highly formal papers, provided that the formalism serves a philosophical purpose; we are happy to receive papers with no equations at all, if their arguments are better made without mathematics and rest on a clear understanding of any relevant physics. There are many ways to do excellent work in our field; we want to publish the best work, across all those different ways, and in doing so we hope to strengthen and widen the bridges between the various parts of our community."

For more, read his full post about the new journal. I am looking forward to the journal receiving its first submissions, and to supporting the superb work being done by our thriving community of philosophers of physics. Join the society here.

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